New Years Resolutions

Hey guys, it’s Gemma. Today I will be talking about my New Years resolutions of 2019. I can not believe it is already 2019 and 2018 is already gone. Anyways here are my New Years resolutions

  • Keep up to date with my blog- so I am planning to post on Wednesday’s or if I have to on Saturdays. If I don’t have that much homework I will probably be posing on Wednesday’s but then sometimes it happens to be Saturdays.

  • Take my dogs for a walk 3 times a week- I really think I need to take my dogs for a walk every week so they can get more fit and so can I. I would walk them 3 times on school days and then maybe 4 times on holidays. This photo is a picture of my dogs sleeping.
    • Keep up with homework- I think now I need to get Better at doing my homework when I get it so then I will have more time to study to relax. I also think I need to make a plan of when I get homework and then make sure it is done before it is due.
    • Use a calendar- I am not that good with using a calendar so hopefully this year I will be able to use a calendar more often.
    • Lastly- spend more time with family- so I think it would be nice for this year to send more time with my family and do things with them more often so I can feel happy and so can they.


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