Travel: Portland Holiday Photos


hey guys, its Gemma. today I will be posting some pictures of Portland and labeling them so you know where the photos were taken. so if you didn’t know, I went to Portland last week and I took ALOT of pictures. so here are my favourite photos of Portland. Enjoy

Going to Portland:



Day 2- Around Portland




Day 2- for a walk at a lookout


Day 3- Cape Nelson

Day 3- Cape BridgeWater

these rocks are located in a place called the Petrified Forest and it was really interesting to read about these rocks and why it was called the Petrified Forest. the description is above.


these pictures are from a beach in Cape BridgeWater. we had lunch here and the view was beautiful.

Day 4- lighthouse walk



Day 5- on the way home



so on the way home we took the great ocean road and it was beautiful. we stopped at one of the places called London Bridge (don’t know why it is called that). one of the photos of the London bridge is the middle picture.

so I hope you enjoyed this post and I will be posting on a couple more days because I am doing some interesting things.









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