Home: Drawing of Sushi Rolls

hey guys, its gemma. today I will be posting a picture of a drawing I have done just recently and thought it was nice to post. so this drawing is of  a piece of sushi and a rice roll thing. I don’t know what that is called. anyways here is the picture of the sushi.


so this drawing has the sushi like I said and the fillings include of

  • orange- Salmon-  you can put salmon in sushi, but you can also put it on top of the sushi or salmon is usually placed on of nigiri.

Image result for salmon tumblr

  • avocado- avocado is a very popular food that goes into sushi, I also have avocado in my sushi and is amazing.
  • Traditional takuan- this is a yellow vegetable that goes in sushi and it comes in yellow strips and it is a popular Japanese pickle.

okay, so back to the drawing. so I started off with the left side of the page and I basically draw 3 circles inside of each other, hen made a y shape in the centre circle nd colour it in the colours that I thought were nice. yellow, green and orange.

then in the next inside circle, I just added some black dots into this to make it look like there is pepper with the rice. and then on the outer circle I used the colours blue, black and purple to make the colour of seaweed.

on the other side of the picture, I draw a rice roll. So I basically drew a cylinder on its side, left it white, added some black specks to look like pepper. And then I did some more circles in the cylinder to make the seaweed and the filling which was the same as the other one.

Then I added some shadow to both of the drawings and that was my final picture.

I hope u liked this post and comment down below.

Do you like sushi or not?


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