Home: Sushi Drawing


Hey guys, today I am drawing another sushi. this kind of sushi called nigiri. this sushi is a ball of rice with some kind of fish on it. That could include of Salmon, tuna, Japanese amberjack yellowtail, snapper, mackerel. Here’s my drawing of the nigiri.


  1. So firstly I draw a weirdly shaped oval for the rice and then cleaned the edges of the drawing up. kind of
  2. Then I did the salmon, so I drew a line starting at the side of the rice. I did a line that was similar but I added a little flick to the end of the right side to make it look like salmon.
  3. After that I draw some lines on the salmon and then added a shadow at the bottom of the drawing.
  4. after that I drew some faint circles in the rice part of the drawing to make it look more detailed.

I hope you enjoyed this drawing and tell me in the comments:

do you like sushi or is it not your kind of food?





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