Travel: Australia Day


Hey guys, it’s Gemma. Today I will be posting about Australia. So Australia Day was on Saturday 26th Jan and I will be also talking about Sunday 27th.

This is because I did something on Sunday and also on Saturday. Enjoy


(Australia day)

So on Saturday Taylor and her family came over for dinner because it was Australia Day and we usually do something on this day. so Taylor and her family came over and we did some drawing and here is a drawing of mine.




on Sunday me ,my mum, dad, brother, my cousins and one other family went to a beach and that was in a place called Wilsons Prom. so this place has a beach and a river. I didn’t go swimming because it was to windy but I did put my feet in the water i  the ocean and the river and it was really nice.

we stayed at the beach (that includes the river as well) for awhile and it was really relaxing. after the beach we went out for dinner and it was delicious. the only bad thing about the day was that it was windy so we had to move of the beach and move to the rivers sand so that there wasn’t much dry sand and not much wind because wind caused sand storms that were annoying. here are some pictures from the way to Wilsons prom.


I hope you enjoyed this post and I go back to school next week so hopefully I can post on Wednesdays, but sometimes It maybe Saturdays.



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