Liife: 2019 Tag


hey guys, its gemma. today I will be doing a tag called the 2019 tag. I have wanted to do a tag for this year so I have thought that this would be a good one to do. Enjoy

 My rules

-thank the person who tagged you in your post

– answer the questions that were asked

– List the rules in your post

– tag some people and give them as many questions as you want to answer in their post



  • What are you excited for in 2019?

In 2019 i am excited for starting year 8 because I get to see my friends and also get to do the subjects that I enjoy doing such as art and humanities (humanities at my school is history and geography)

  • what are some of your New year resolutions

Some of my new year resolutions would be to spend more time with my family, be on track with homework and use a calendar.

  • Say 3 words that come to your mind about 2019

-Excited, Joyful, interesting

Your questions

Are you exited for anything in 2019?

– is there any songs or albums that are coming out that you are exited for?

– what are some of your goals for 2019?

People I Tagged

  1. Asfa
  2. Taypaints
  3. kiwi katastrophes
  5. Petrel41
  6. 🦄Blogger10🦄
  7. Sumayya Ali, My rebellious world



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